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Episode 25 - New Year & Better Health - Find out how to live longer with Morris from Golden Greens Organic (use code WOW10)

Episode 24 - REVEALED! - How Neuroscience Can Help You to Lose Weight! - Sue & James chat with Dr. Jason McKeown from Visit

Episode 23 - "You Lost How Much in Six Months! WOW!!"- Sue & James chat with the incredible Helen Hall on her phenomenal weight loss journey. http://1...

Episode 23 - Want to Lose 100 pounds? Sue and James chat to the amazing Leeanne Matuszczyk-Robinson about her incredible 7 Stone weigh loss!

Episode 22 -  Need Some Spice In Your Life? - Sue & James chat with Keith Squires about Ayurvedic Medicine, Spices, Yoga Retreats and more Keith's Fantastic Book: https://amz...

Episode 21 - The shocking truth about CBD Oil - Sue & James chat with Morris from Golden Greens Organic about this the amazing health benefits of Cannabidiol CBD Oil.  https:...

Episode 20 - Sue & James chat to the inspirational Janine Dooley about her incredible 4 stone weight loss journey with 12 Weeks to Wow

Episode 19 - Sue & James chat to the VeggieVision.TV's Karin Ridgers about her Vegan life and her amazing Radio Show. Visit to find out more!

Episode 18 - Sue & James chat about the true meaning of 'Eat What You Want' and how to stop Calorie Counting.

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