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Episode 13 - Are you getting enough Protein? James & Sue chat to the Healthista's Anna Magee about her new range of amazing supplements

Episode 12 - Sue & James chat to Yogaia teacher Craig Norris about how Yoga helped him overcome many years of  depression

Episode 11  - Trouble sleeping? Sue & James chat to Yogaia teacher Ozlem Dogan about how Yoga has helped her have a great nights sleep.

Episode 10  - Sue & James answer members questions and try not to fall out with each other!

Episode 9 - What is 'Agaricus bisporus mushroom flour ' and why do you need it! Morris from Greens Organic talks mushrooms and sheds more light on easy ways to increase your Vitami...

Episode Eight - Shanine shares the benefits of being able access to yoga classes 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.

Episode 7 - Vitamin D! Rick Hay chats to Sue & James about why this vitamin is so important to us, and why we probably aren't getting enough of it!

Episode 6 - Need more energy? The amazing Rick Hay on the benefits of Vitamin B and more.

Episode Five - Let’s start from the very beginning...Rick Hay starts our alphabetical ‘vitamin journey’ with all things Vitamin A!  

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