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Episode 6 - Need more energy? The amazing Rick Hay on the benefits of Vitamin B and more.

Episode Five - Let’s start from the very beginning...Rick Hay starts our alphabetical ‘vitamin journey’ with all things Vitamin A!  

Episode Four - Don’t tie yourself up in knots...Charlie shares the insider info on and how yoga can help you whatever your age, size, shape or ability.

Episode 3 - Discover the secrets of Vitamin C with the amazing Rick Hay

Episode 2 - Discover how to remove visceral fat from your body! Sue & James talk to the amazing Morris from Golden Greens Organic. NOT TO BE MISSED! (we appologise for the poor...

THE SUE & JAMES PODCAST SHOW DECEMBER 2016 - Episode 1 - Sue and James chat about what's new and what's coming up in the 12 Weeks to Wow Programme

Episode Sixty Three - Who doesn’t love some bling! founder Katharina Wrather talks to Sue and James about here amazing range of bikini and flip-flop jewellery ra...

Episode Sixty Two - EasyLoser David Rose-Massom has a coffee and catch up with Sue and James. In this episode he tells how he got his weight loss going again after he thought he h...

Episode Sixty One - The Great Debate: Sugar Versus Fat with Superfoodist Rick Hay, Sue and James

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